WEE Constitution

Article I. Name of Organization

The name of the organization is Women in Electrical Engineering (WEE)

Article II. Organization Description

The Women in Electrical Engineering (WEE) aims to provide community, mentoring and enrichment for graduate women students in EE at Stanford. WEE will address women specific issues and provide a place for networking among current graduate women and EE alumnae. As demonstrated at other universities, we expect that this will help improve retention of EE graduate women and benefit all members of the EE community.

Article III. Eligibility for Membership 

All registered students are eligible for WEE membership. Members will typically be female graduate students in the EE department. "Affiliation" is available to others, for example, alumni, faculty and staff, who wish to participate in WEE activities. Affiliates may not vote and may not stand for office.

Article IV. Officers

A. Titles and Responsibilities 

All organization officers must be registered students.



  • The Society's "Authorized Representative". She/he is the point-of-contact between the Society and the Department, the University and the community at-large.
  • Responsible for staying informed about University policies, guidelines and procedures that relate to the Society's plans. The President will inform Society members of University policies and resources as they apply.
  • Foster an environment that encourages the full participation of members in meeting the organization's goals.
  • Re-delegate duties in the event of an officer's dereliction of duty.
  • With the approval of all officers, establish new temporary or permanent officers as the needs of the society develop.

Financial Officer

  • The Financial Officer must attend an ASSU Banking Workshop covering the operation of the Society's ASSU account, making purchases, reimbursements, etc..
  • Responsible for the Society's budget and operating the Society account in accordance with ASSU rules. 
  • Present a quarterly financial update to the Society's officers.


  • Keep minutes of meetings of the officers
  • Handle communication with WEE membership and with the department and other organizations of interest.

Speaker Coordinator

  • Collect a list of topics and speakers of interest to the current membership and schedule speakers to ensure variety of speakers and topics each quarter.
  • Organize a room, necessary technology etc. for the speaker.
  • Strive to have a minimum of three speakers per quarter.
  • Delegate responsibility for each speaker to a member; the responsibilities being
    • Communicating with the speaker regarding topic suggestions, visit logistics, timing etc..
    • Obtain a brief abstract and bio from speaker
    • Communicating with the WEE officers for scheduling, communication and expenses

Mentoring Program Coordinator

  • Match up Big sister/Little sister pairs at the beginning of each school year.
  • Monitor the mentoring pairs and makes reassignments if needed.
  • Encourage participation of incoming graduate students in WEE and interaction between said students.

Social Events Coordinator

  • Responsible for coordinating a room and food at regular meetings
  • Organize at least one social event (e.g. movie, dinner, games, etc.) each quarter.


  • Maintain the WEE website (http://wee.stanford.edu), including promptly posting expected content (agendas, minutes, event details, etc) and proactively seeking out novel content for the site.
  • Maintain WEE mailing lists.

B. Elections and Removal Process

To vote, members must be present at least at five WEE meetings during the previous academic year.

Elections will be held by secret ballot for all officer positions at the end of the Spring quarter. Mid-term election may be held as needed (see Section C) to fill vacant officer positions.

At least one meeting before an election, the President will describe the responsibilities of the relevant officer position(s) and invite members to declare their intention to seek office. Interested persons will be asked to prepare a short written statement explaining their interest in the position. The statement will be circulated to the membership prior to the election meeting. The officer will be the member that receives a majority of the votes. If no member receives a majority of the votes, the member receiving the fewest number of votes will be removed from consideration and the voting will be repeated.

If a vote is held between only two candidates and the vote results in a tie, a period of discussion will be held and the voting will be repeated. In the event that the tie is still not broken, the President may vote to break the tie.

C. Length of Term

Officers will serve for 1 academic year (Summer quarter until the next Spring quarter).

If the availability or willingness of an officer to serve changes, the officer may request to be replaced mid-term.

If an officer fails to perform his or her duties to the satisfaction of the membership, that officer will be ordered to explain her or his failure to fulfill the duties of the office. If it is deemed necessary for the benefit of the organization, the officer may then be asked to resign his or her position contingent upon a 2/3 vote by the membership.

Article V. Dissolution of Organization 

In the event that WEE must disband due to dwindling membership, financial hardship or other reasons, the organization will use its remaining funds to settle its outstanding debts. Funds remaining after settling all debts will be bequeathed to a cause determined by the officers to benefit current women in EE at Stanford University.

Article VI. Procedure to Amend Constitution

In the event that an amendment to this Constitution is necessary, a voting member of the organization must propose such amendment to the membership at least one week prior to the meeting at which it will be voted upon. The amendment will be approved by an open 2/3 vote.